Troubleshooting Downloads


Go to the Synchronize menu. Check there are categories (typically about 500). Press Reload Offers. Then look through the following sections to see if you recognise any screens.

We are asking for help to diagnose the download problems for a few Tesco Stores. To help version 1.3 includes significant debugging. In general we will try and call you and guide you through the following screens. The following screen shots (scroll down) describe the screens and steps we are working through with people - in general we telephone people and walk through the following screens - and ask people to match screens they see with the pictures below, telling us what they see.

In overview, download problems could fall into the following categories:

  1. Error 1: There is a database error at Tesco so that there are no offers to download for your account/store.

  2. WhatDidI requests offers - Tesco almost instantly replies and returns zero offers and no error. We will report these errors to Tesco.

  3. Error 2: There is systematic error in the delivery of offers by Tesco.

  4. WhatDidI requests offers - Tesco almost instantly replies with an error message. We will report these errors to Tesco.

  5. WhatDidI will re-try the download a couple of times.

  6. Error 3: There is an error saving offers in WhatDidI.

  7. WhatDidI requests offers - Tesco replies with the offers in approximately 20 blocks of 100 offers each - WhatDidI for some reason does not save these offers correctly in the local iPhone database. We need to know if this occurs.

Note that if you help us and see an error message you can ‘snapshot’ the screen and e-mail it to us as follows (for an iPhone 3/3GS):

  1. Push and HOLD the power button on the top right edge of the case.

  2. Then push the round ‘home’ button below the screen.

  3. You will then hear a shutter sound. The iPhone has taken a picture of its screen.

  4. Run the Apple ‘Photos’ application (the Sunflower icon).

  5. Select the Camera Roll

  6. Find the screen shot mixed with your other photos.

  7. Select it by touching the photo.

  8. Push the ‘send’ icon in the toolbar in the bottom. (The box with the arrow).

Troubleshooting Downloads

Procedure: First: Turn on debugging. Select the Apple ‘gear wheel’ Settings app. Select ‘WhatDidI’ and turn on full debugging as follows (turn on two switches):

Next: Run ‘WhatDidI’. The application should login and display information about your home store. Please write down your branch number and press OK.

Note other messages may arrive - the messages ‘stack up’ newest message first. So pressing OK may show an older message.