Error 200


What Does Error Code 200 Mean?

October 17th. Tesco have told us that users with password of 10 characters or more will fail to login due to a ‘bug’ with their shopping servers (this is NOT a bug in our application). If you have a password of 10 characters or more you will have to login via and change to a shorter password to use our application. 

The ‘error 200’ message is generated directly by the website when the WhatDidi sends your encrypted username and password directly to over an encrypted link.

While we have developed this application for use with we have have no access to Tesco’s servers to check your username, or password, or to access any logs to check why your login failed.

Therefore we can only offer you some general suggestions to check your username and password. If you are then still unable to login all we can do is offer you an immediate refund as Tesco, unfortunately, do not provide us any helpline to debug individual login problems.

Here is our checklist:

  1. Check you saw the exact error message above.

  2. If you saw a different message please contact us at

  3. Check you are a UK Tesco User.

  4. We do not support Tesco.IE or Tesco USA - please ask for a refund if you are not a UK user.

  5. Check your username and password.

  6. You need to use the same username and password as you use to login to

  7. Login to and check you have remembered your username and password correctly.

  8. Re-enter your username and password.

  9. Select ‘More ...’ and ‘Username’ and re-enter your username and password.

  10. Check for ‘hidden’ spaces at the start end end of your username and password.

  11. Press ‘Go’.

  12. The application should try and login again. You may need to then stop and restart the application.

  13. Please wait 24 hours and try again.

  14. Tesco have, in the past, reported this problem when they have had a general server error.

  15. You can check if Tesco have been having problems via the following web site.  

We have also offered the following advice to people, but do not have enough feedback to determine if any of the following are effective:

  1. Check and if necessary change your Tesco password to only be alphanumeric characters.

  2. We speculate if you are using characters such as '@' or '$' in your password these may be represented differently on the Tesco website and by an iPhone.

  3. Delete and re-install the application.

  4. Find the application icon,and hold your finger on it for about 3 seconds. The application will wobble, and press the cross in the top left to delete. Press 'home' button to stop wobble. Reinstall the application (you will not be charged).

If none of the above helps we can only offer our apologies and offer you a refund.

We need a postal address or a paypal account for a refund.

Troubleshooting - Error Code 200