Frequently Asked Questions


“Application Does Not Work”

  1. We receive a number of mails saying the application does not work. See our Troubleshooting page (including login problems).

Sort By Category

  1. We can NOT yet add sort by category. Tesco do not provide category information via the API they publish to us. We have asked Tesco to provide the category information for Offers and Favourites many, many times. This is our ‘top’ request to Tesco for their API. With every release we see we have a couple of ‘enthusiastic’ reviewers who give us ‘one star’ for not supporting this feature. If we could support this we would.


  1. Why are Offers and Favourites slow to load (or why do Offers and Favourites never seem to start or finish loading)? Quite simply the lists of favourites and offers are large and slow to download - a typical offers file is 3MB - and people may have 300+ favourites, and 2000 + offers. Soon Tesco will be sending these files in compressed form (‘zipped’). The current version of the application will then automatically unzip these when this change is made by Tesco.

Barcode Reader

  1. Works for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS running iOS4. Sorry iPhone 3 not supported as the camera does not have auto focus. iPhone 3GS not not upgraded to iOS 4 do not work as Apple have blocked use of barcodes on this version of their OS (mail us for details if interested).

Details, Ingredients, Nutrition per Item

  1. Planned for future release, but not yet. We need to control the time taken to download offers, lists and favourites. When Tesco enable compression on their interface we will download and display this extended information.


  1. The best we can do in version 1.3. Due to credit card security the best we can do for now is provide a link to the tesco web page having checked that all of the changes have been uploaded (see FAQ for more information). Tesco have a mobile web based checkout page that we will support shortly.


  1. We are thinking about this one too. We have played with ‘nicer’ interfaces. However they all take up more space. Specific suggestions welcomed!

Amend Orders

  1. Can I change my pending order (delivery) via WhatDidI? Can’t do this until Tesco expose this as a supported feature.

Deleting Favourites

  1. This is interesting. We have one review asking us to delete rather than hide favourite items. However in our Beta tests we originally had delete rather than hide, and we were asked to add the hide feature so that favourites could be unhidden (hiding is as efficient as deleting as in case the hidden/deleted list is only maintained in the phone). Tesco do not expose an API to delete Favourites they hold on their servers. If you have views please mail as on

WhatDidI was very briefly offered for sale on the

Circle/Chasing Arrows

  1. What do the little pair of arrows forming a circle mean? Your shopping list item changes have been noted for this items, but have not yet been sent to Tesco. Tesco will be updated automatically when a connection can be made. You can make a number of pending changes.

Feature Parity With

  1. Why can’t your application do everything that does? The application works by calling a number of interfaces approved by Tesco for use by 3rd parties, but this does not provide all of the functions of the Tesco web site. We do not ‘screen scrape’ and directly drive Tesco’s web pages - Tesco would not approve this, and the application would break every time the web site was changed. The most annoying effect of this is that the web site can sort by categories, and we can not support this until Tesco provide this data via their interface.


  1. How do I get support? Mail is on


Frequently Asked Questions