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October 17th.

Tesco have told us that users with password of 10 characters or more will fail to login due to a ‘bug’ with their shopping servers.

This is NOT a bug in the application.

If you have a password of 10 characters or more you will have to login via Tesco.com and change to a shorter password to use our application. Over length passwords will generate a login error “Error 200”.

‘What Did I’ is the UK’s premier (some might even say ‘Finest’) independently developed UK online grocery shopping application.

Initially supporting shopping at Tesco in the UK, and powered by the Tesco.com API ‘WhatDidI’ provides a superior shopping experience linked to your Tesco.com Grocery account.

  1. What Did I Want at Tesco? 

  2. What Did I Get Last Week?

  3. What Did I Mean To Add To My Order?


  1. Fast start. Instantly amend your shopping list. No wait to login to Tesco.com

  2. Fast search. Instant local search of Offers, Favourites, Recent Purchases. With option to go online to search full store.

  3. Fast shopping. Search and add items to your basket with one touch

  4. Fast updates. Modify quantities in shopping lists no pauses. With background updates to Tesco.com, no waiting for the shopping service between updating quantities of different items.


  1. Works where you have no wireless coverage.

  2. Add items to your shopping list from your favourites and Tesco offers while at work, and upload when you get home via your WiFi (simply run the application).

  3. Open your stored shopping list while in a Tesco store.

Online & Offline Operation

  1. Full local (offline) shopping support. Offers and favourite items are stored in your phone. Search and shop in office, trains and planes with no wireless.

  2. Shopping List, Offers and Favourite items are stored in your phone.

  3. Your modified shipping list is uploaded the next time you are connected.


  1. Easily re-order items ordered yesterday/last week/etc using the Recent items list.

  2. Search and shop using Offers, Favourites and Recently viewed items in office, trains and planes with no wireless.

  3. Your modified shopping list is uploaded next time you’re connected.


  1. For both iPhone and iTouch, also runs on iPad

  2. Now works with ALL Tesco UK grocery shopping accounts

  3. Except the special text-only Tesco ‘accessible’ accounts for sight impaired users.

Please do contact us if you have problems - we will try very hard to help - we don’t want negative reviews, and we want to hear from you to quickly fix problems.

See also our Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Question pages.

‘What Did I’ is independently developed by Mandrel Systems Limited. For support contact us at support@whatdidi.com, do not contact Tesco. If you have login problems see here.

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